Valentine's Day Infographics: Online Shopping Trends In India

This Infographics is a creative from Following the current trends of Valentine's Day through the online retailers across India this infographics came into picture. is a popular online shopping portal offering different products with different offers round the year. It has a huge fan following on Facebook. With Valentine's Day about to come huge discounts and many Coupon Codes have been launched recently. Valentine's day is the love festival for all lovers across the globe. You will find some great suggestions to buy the perfect gift for your lover. You will also find suggestion to buy the perfect gift depending on the age of your lover. With a difficult and busy schedule life it gets difficult to shop from stores.

So what to shop, for whom to shop and how to decide on a gift are few things covered below. They have also included some reasons as to why people prefer online shopping in spite of everything available in their city. There is a Trivia on Valentine's Day Shopping where 60% of the people spend more than Rs.5000 to buy gifts. Valentine is not a day just for lovers but for married couples too where this day reminds them that love is still in the Air. Stay tuned to know about the gift, flowers, cakes and other things available with great discounts. Have a splendid and most romantic Valentine's Day this 2014.

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How to Send Unique & Special Gifts on 2014 Valentines Day

Valentine day is closely associated with the love and a day to express your feelings for those who has a special place in your life. The best way to express this are some unique Valentine Day gifts, but selecting an appropriate gift is not an easy task. Here are few points that should be considered before selecting any Valentine Day gift.

Before making any choice follow few factors such as age, gender and above all their preferences which no one would be knowing better than you.
  • Dresses: Females (and males up to some extent) are always fond of dresses and if it is gifted by their Valentine then nothing could be more romantic and loving than this. Go for some different look that he or she doesn't have in the closet and gift it in a nicely wrapped box with a love note.
  • Accessories: When we talk about accessories then there is a whole big list. Focus on that he or she loves to have, it could be bag, wallet, shades, some jewellery or a nice pair of couple watches.
  • Gadget Freaks: This is completely for gadget lovers, if your partner is one who is crazy for the gadgets then you should check out a gadget store and get some latest stuff like an iPod, phone, headphone, gadget covers and many more.
  • Something Different: Everyone tries with the almost same ideas but you can give a new turn to your romance by making a scrapbook of your special moments that you both have spent together in form of pictures. Collect the photographs and decorate them on a scrapbook and write a special note on every image. It's a special Valentine Day gift and will surely make your beloved very emotional and feeling loved.
  • Time for some Chocolates and Flowers: The best, ever-hit and conventional way to celebrate the cupid day is mouth-watering chocolates and a bouquet, this is like a jack of all trades and works best to show your affection.

If you don't have time to go the market and select a gift then, options are available for you also as you can buy Valentine gifts online. Those who are residing away from you, sending Valentine Day gifts to them is possible in just few clicks as many shopping websites are available nowadays. Above all, the idea of gift is to convey your love to your special one and make them feel delighted, so without investing much time just in planning, go and get the best gift for your Valentine.

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Most Memorable with Cute Valentine Gifts for Women

Valentine's Day is designated to celebrate the spirit of love and a perfect occasion to show her how much she means to you. The best and expressive medium to show your feelings for her is gifts; so select a wonderful and memorable gift, just for her. Roses, chocolates, cakes, jewellery are the traditional valentine gifts. This year, why don't you try something new and unique? Ladies love to have surprises, hence we are presenting a few Valentine gift ideas, which will definitely make her feel on top of the world. Try to give her a unique and exclusive gift on this V-Day.
1. Make Your Love Crystal Clear: Share a toast in the beautifully crafted and delicate toasting glasswares, which you can gift her on V-Day. Glasswares is something that ladies always love to have in their crockery section, so you can check out the best online retail shop and gift her the crockery and thus an ideal Valentine gift for wife.

2. Perfumes: Perfumes hold a very important place when it comes to romance and it's the best Valentine gifts for women. You can play with fragrances and take her on a fantasy ride. Buy the same perfume which she applied during your wedding or honeymoon. This will really put a smile on her face and will make you both relive the old days together.

3. Walk Down Memory Lane: Make a scrapbook of your pictures since you met, arrange them in serial orders and decorate with the lovely quotations, citations, emotions and smiley. Highlight a particular picture that she loves the most or you can decorate your bedroom wall with a big portrait together this could be a scintillating and emotional Valentine gift for her.

4. Cook For Her: 364 days she cooks for you and tries to make the best what you love; on Valentine's Day you can surprise her by making her favourite breakfast. Give her a break from the morning kitchen routine and share the spirit of love and care together on your dining table.

5. Her Favorites: Make a list of her favourite items like accessories she likes or the dresses or her hobbies. You can gift her various accessories such as a handbag of her favourite brand or glasses or a pretty evening dress that she can wear on V-Day. You can offer her to join hobby classes to pursue her avocation forward.

These were just a few suggestions to make your love day special but creativity has no end. You know best what your lady loves, so instead of spending more time after planning, rush to execute your special romantic plans and make the day charming and colourful.

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Buy Valentine Lingerie Gifts for Her on Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is a season for love, romance and passion, the perfect time to show your special someone that how much you love and care about them. A beautiful and fanciful valentine lingerie can make a woman feel overjoyed and appreciated. However, lingerie has the potential to add a new experience and charm in the bedroom but care must be taken while choosing the Valentine Day lingerie, to ensure that it is the perfect gift that she will adore. Here are a few tips that will surely help you if you are planning to gift her the comfortable lingerie.
  • Size Matters: The basic and most important thing is to know her size. Before buying bra and brief, it's very crucial to know her size and if you are unaware of it then doing a little spying in her closet may help you. Lingerie has its special measurements such as bras have special cup shapes and briefs have waist size. So before selecting any, make sure you have done your job of spying perfectly then only you can give valentine gifts to her as a comfortable and fanciful lingerie.
  • Style and Colour: Valentine Lingerie should be frilly, fancy and sensual. V-Day symbolises colours like red and dark pink, so what could be better than buying a dark colour piece for her or if she like rich colours like blue, black, plum, violet then go for it. But finally it's you who knows her choice best so strictly follow the colour codes of your lady and make her feel delighted.
  • Try out Something Different: This time try out something which your Valentine doesn't have in the closet yet. Forget the body shape and the contemporary lingerie, go for some unusual stuff. The market is nowadays full of options, select dark colours, wild prints, lace and more.
So buying lingerie on Valentine Day could be the most romantic idea. If your partner is staying at another place, then you can place an order through various e-commerce websites which can send Valentine lingerie to India, US, UK, Canada and various other countries.

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Tips For Buying Best Flowers For Your Valentine

Flowers are the best way to express your emotions and it's Valentine's Day, the perfect day to show love, romance, togetherness and care to your loved ones. But buying lovely Valentine Flowers is not an easy job as it seems to be. It's very much important to be aware with your partner's choice as it will help you to sizzle up the occasion. It's suggested to do a little research online before selecting a Valentine's day flower. Here we are presenting a few tips that will surely going to help you.
  • Choosing the Right Flower: When we talk about the Valentine's flowers then the ultimate solution is “Rose”. The flower is denoted as the symbol of love, serenity and purity. But if your partner likes some other flowers then strictly go with their choice.
  • Play With Colours: Valentine Gifts doesn't only mean red and pink, you can play with colours. Go for colours that are most admired by your beloved and try out something new and more colourful.
  • Leave a Special Note With the Flower: To add some more romance, don't forget to attach a romantic note with the pretty flowers. It's like a cherry on the cake and will surely make your partner smile.
  • Something Extra: Valentine flower gift is not just sufficient for the day, to bring a wow factor do some more efforts by giving something extra with the flowers. You can add a chocolate box, or a dress, or accessory and many more other stuff to make it a complete V-Day package.
Don't get upset if your loved one is staying at another place; with the advancement in technology nowadays various e-commerce websites are providing the option of Send Valentine flowers to India, US, UK, Australia and other countries. You can order Valentine flowers online for your partner with special notes on the special Cupid's day and make them feel closer to you.

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Top 5 Valentine Gifts Ideas Just For Him

A feeling of love, romance, happiness, and fantasy is in the air as it's the most happening time of the year; it's Valentine's Day and the most expressive way to show your feelings are the gifts. Most of the times, men buy gifts for their partners but ladies you can also purchase some very special and unique Valentine gift for him. A whole array of gifts are available for men also from which you can select any to make them feel how much you care about him. So get the new, vibrant and gorgeous Valentinegift ideas from here and make your Valentine's day special and charming.
1. Music: Music is something that every boy loves to listen. So why not to get your man some new music releases this Valentine. Being his partner you know well about his likes and dislikes. You can gift him a DVD series of his favourite musician or band, iTunes giftcard or some music accessories also.

2. Exotic Aroma: This is something that boys hardly buy their own so Valentine's Day is perfect occasion to sizzle up your love life with fragrances. Gift him an elegant bottle of cologne.

3. Cook Delicious Food: The way to man's heart is through stomach; as per the saying, get the special position in your man's heart by cooking his favourite dish. Surprise him with a self-made food and candle light dinner could be a wonderful Valentine gifts for your husband.

4. Watch a Movie Together: Remember which movie you both watched together for the very first time. Turn your room as dark as movie theatre, play the DVD and get ready to relive those cuddly moments you spent together while watching that movie.

5. For the Book Worms: If you are dating a bookworm, then books are the superb Valentine gifts for men. You know his choice very well so without wasting much time rush to a book store and take some best reads.

Apart from this, you can gift him apparels, watches or a smart pair of shades or some office stationary. Don't miss to add a romantic note or chocolates or flowers with the gift as it works like a cherry on the cake.

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How to shop more yet spending less on this Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and all the retail shops and commercial centers are coming out with the best deals in the market to lure the customers. This is an ideal time for you to grab the best of deals on valentine gifts that are being offered by the super markets as well as the online shops. Valentine's day 2014 offers would usually include heavy discounts or special complimentary gifts on various romantic products such as perfumes, couple’s wrist watch set, holiday packages for a couple, apparels and so on. So if you’re on the look for finding the perfect gift for your loved one then this is the right time to go out shopping for it.
Online shopping websites have revolutionized the way we shop. Online shopping is becoming popular day by day as you can save your time, energy and money. Online shopping websites such as are offering some of the best valentine deals on gifts such as chocolates, flowers, cakes, jewelry, couple's gift items, lingerie and many more items. Making an assorted basket of your own choice by buying several small gifts for your beloved and then packaging it into one large surprise gift basket can make the best gift ever for your beloved.
If you’re confused about which gift to buy for your loved one then online shopping sites also have gift coupons/ vouchers. Gift coupons/vouchers are the best thing that you can gift to someone because these coupons can be redeemed against anything that the user wants of the worth that the coupon carries. Hence, you can give your beloved the freedom to choose anything they want to buy as their Valentine’s Day gift. There are plenty of valentine day offers coupons which are specially meant for a couple. So go online and find that perfect gift for your valentine this season.

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Make Your Valentine Day Memorable with Exclusive Gifts

It's the arrival of the perfect romantic season to express your feelings, passion and love for your beloved on the fanciful season of Valentine's days. The best medium to express your feelings is gifts. Have you planned what you are going to gift this year to your Valentine? If you are in doubt and hunting for some new 2014 Valentine gifts then let me help you out to choose a perfect present for your partner and make this Valentine's Day a wonderful and unforgettable one. 
On Valentine's Day Eve : 

Start celebrating the day with some romantic flowers, chocolates, cards, a small gift and many more. Plan out a surprise gift for your partner on Valentine's eve and send it to his/her office with a note that you are looking forward to the upcoming day. 
Give a Personalise Touch :

Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion to make your dearest feel delighted and if you give a personalise touch to your gifts, it will definitely add more to romance. You may gift an embroidered pillow, monogrammed bed linen, self-made greeting card, lingerie, an aromatic shower gel, personalised beer mug, set of wine glasses and many more.

Make a Collage :

Take out some time from the busy schedule and collect your best clicks from the albums of wedding, honeymoon or snaps of some other special occasions. Place it on your bedroom wall and relive those golden and romantic moments that you lived together.

In order to make your day memorable, you can bake a cake or can plan a special date with your partner and so on. With the advancement in technology, you can send Valentine gifts online to those who are residing away from you. So don't get upset if your Valentine is staying away, just place an order and send Valentine Gifts Online. Various e-commerce websites are available on net, you can select from the array of gifts and Send Valentine Gifts to India, USA, UK, Canada and various other countries for your loved one.

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How To Express Your Love On This Valentine's Day With a Rose

The markets are already buzzing with various romantic stuff as the Valentine's Day is soon approaching. 14Th Feb is just round the corner and the florists around the world are busy taking orders for delivering those special flowers on the valentine's day, it is no different in India as well. The florists in India have also started taking orders and making preparations of exporting and importing the best flowers for this special day.

All the flowers looks beautiful but a Rose holds a special place in expressing love and therefore, it is a flower in demand during this season. Have you ever wondered that exporting of roses is a million dollar business for the florists during Valentine's day.

Valentine Day Roses of all colors are special as its each color conveys a different message to the receiver. In fact, when you choose a particular color of rose to gift, you are actually personalizing your gift with a profound sentiment. Express this sentiment with a proper colored rose on this Valentine's day and in case if you're finding it mind boggling to select the right colored rose for your love then here's a little reminder on what each colored rose stands for.

- A red rose bud- symbolizes of purity and loveliness
- Red Roses- symbolizes Love, Beauty, Courage and Respect, Romantic Love, Congratulations, "I Love You", "Job Well Done", Sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion
- White Roses- Symbolizes Purity, Innocence, Silence, Secrecy, Reverence, Humility, Youthfulness, and Heavenly.
- Pink Roses- symbolizes Appreciation, "Thank you", Grace, Perfect Happiness, Admiration, and Gentleness.
- Yellow Roses- symbolizes Joy, Gladness, Friendship, Delight, Promise of a new beginning, Welcome Back, and Remember Me.

Just make sure that you select the right colored valentine's day rose for the love of your life on this romantic day. In case if you are away and wish to send Valentine Roses to your loved ones that its now possible with the coming of online shopping sites. You can also send roses to India with the help of these e-commerce sites.

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Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for 2013

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! Of all the trees you look lovely” this is surely the Christmas carol that comes to my mind whenever I think of Christmas tree. Each year people bring in this great good luck charm and place it the special corner of the home. A beautiful Christmas tree adds up to the look and feel of the room and it also sets in the mood for the upcoming festivity. Here are few quick ideas for making some attractive Christmas tree decorating items at home.

  • Christmas Wreath- its easy to make wreath at home too if you've a willow tree and a few creepers and twigs in your backyard. You can easily chop a few small willow tree branches and use it instead of a metal wire to put all the flowers and decoration in the wreath together in the round shape. These branches can then be binded with the help of twigs in a round shape, now get some leaves, berries, fir tree leaves, shrubbery etc. begin by coloring it in gold or silver color but make sure to paint the berries red.
  • You can also use pine tree fruits or an acorn for decorating Christmas tree. You can color the beautiful natural patterns of the pine fruit and acorn in red or green or any of your favorite color
  • Reindeers are certainly an in-thing for Christmas decoration so here's an interesting way of making one fancy reindeer all by yourself with your own hand. Trace your hand on a colored cardboard paper and then cut the hand-print shape on it carefully. Gather some tiny red sherds of paper and make a small pom-pom out of it. Stick this pom-pom at the end of the thumb of the cardboard hand-print shape. This will serve as the nose to the reindeer. While the four fingers will look like the four legs of it. You can grab some unused straws to makes its horns. The reindeer is good to go on the Christmas tree! Just hang it by making a tiny hole on top of the palm shape.
  • Finish up the decoration with some cotton balls. You can place them randomly on the tree to make it look like snow. Also, I love to add some colorful glitter on the snow as well to make it go along well with the festive decoration.

Hope this helps. However, you can also make use of Christmas trees hamper that you get from the stores while doing Christmas shopping. 

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